Fossil smartwatch sale on Amazon – 32% off

A smartwatch for everyone
A smartwatch for everyone

Move over Apple Watch! WearOS is on the map with stylish options from Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatches. They’ve learned some of their early lessons and are clearly the leader in the Android smartwatch space. The Gen 5 models finally come equipped with beefy enough hardware so that you won’t think twice about the fact that you’re wearing a tiny computer on your wrist.

Killer features include a dedicated speaker and microphone (so you can make calls like Inspector Gadget!), a lot of battery management options to keep it going for days, NFC for contactless payment, heart-rate monitor for the gym, Google Assistant, and GPS (so you can wear it for a run without your phone and still record the workout).

It’s also compatible with your iPhone so you don’t have to pay double or more for that Apple watch!


Click here for men’s deals and here for women’s deals.

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